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Music in Film (by JoJo Younan)

I am a film major, so writing for this article was not easy until Miranda (publisher for the Boman) brought up a good point, “write about music in film since you’re a film major.” I know. It took me this long to realize that. Do not judge me. However, I cannot express how important music is in film. Music is one of the oldest elements in film to express emotion. When you look back to the silent film era, the films were never silent. Silent films had music being played in the background. I look back on the films that I love and I noticed that one of the reasons why I love them is because I loved the music score being played in the background. There are films that people would never heard of, but realize the music.

I do not have a favorite film or favorite film score, but Requiem for a Dream was the film that kept me as film major. I was going to change my major the first semester of college because of a professor who told me I would never make it in the film industry. I was discouraged and ready to change my career path, until one of my classes had invited the producer of Requiem for a Dream to my class one day. My professor first screened the film before the producer of the film told to us. The film was one of the best films I have ever seen and the best music. The producer shared his passion for film and how people discouraged him when he wanted to make Requiem for a Dream. However, he expressed how the music was the best element of the film. The music is what gave me fright. The music is what made me sad. The music is what made me stay a film major. 

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