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KKΨ & TBΣ NatCon ’17

-6Days -21Hours -52Min. -57Sec.


If you would like to submit photographs, send them to the Member-at-Large or Vice President of Special Projects. See the Contact Us page for contact information.

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District Officers

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The Joint Western District Council

Kappa Kappa Psi

Tau Beta Sigma


Mitch Mikuchonis

Iota Kappa – Boise State University

Sydney Dychiao

Epsilon Kappa – University of California Los Angeles
Vice President Vice President of Membership

Alyssa Maher

Iota Kappa – Boise State University

Natalie Kimura

Omicron – University of Utah
Member-at-Large Vice President of Special Projects

Jake Rocco

Lambda Psi – San Jose State University

Jennifer Thornton

Omega – University of Arizona
Si Si Ni
Gamma – University of Washington

Kaitlyn Leung

Alpha Chi – Northern Arizona University

Western District Advisors

Charlene Ronne
Lambda Alpha – University of California Irvine
Lance Coochyouma
Gamma Kappa – Northern Arizona University
Meghan Olswanger
Epsilon Kappa – University of California Los Angeles
Vanessa McPherson
Epsilon Kappa – University of California Los Angeles


Andrew Juarez

Zeta Xi – San Diego State University


Holly Chan

Gamma – University of Washington