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Author: WD Web Admin

The webmaster of the western district of TBS and KKY

Site Additions!

Hello District,

A message from your webmaster: Some new things have been added to the site. First off, the District Constitutions page has been updated with the latest copies of our district’s constitutions so be sure to check them out! Since WDC is coming up, you will want to be sure to know them since they may be discussed.

Next off is the addition is some more info from DLC! There is now a page for DLC 2017 containing info from guest speakers as well as a featured video with footage by Mark Almeda. Be sure to check it out at DLC 2017 right under DLC in the events menu button.

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District Leadership Convention ’17

Howdy frienderinos!

A few weeks ago myself and the rest of the District Council got to meet all of you in sunny (and WARM) Los Angeles, and it was an incredible experience… and I first off just want to say thank you to everyone who attended or showed any form of support; it’s all of you that made this a successful event even through a few bumps in the road that may have been had. Anyway, the main point I wanted to write this article about was reflection.

I know we all reflected personally in our chapters about it, however I want to help continue to guide that reflection in a different direction with some advice I have.  I would love to share with you all my personal take on how to get the MOST VALUE out of your DLC experience after the event.

A quick bit of background on me, I’ve served as a student staff member for a weeklong musician/marching leadership camp for high school students for the past 3 summers, and before that I attended the camp as a participant for 3 summers as well which means I have spent 6 years total with this camp. This camp has had very similar content and structure every year, but with different themes and little variations. Obviously one would immediately think ‘wow, that’s boring. You probably don’t get much out of it as an older member or as a staff member from year to year.’ however that’s completely wrong, because each time I complete a year I get to see DEEPER into the camp and all of the little intrinsic details that I took for granted my first year. Each year I’m able to see another piece of the puzzle. It’s learning more from the EXPERIENCE and not the CONTENT and that’s a perspective I’d love to share with the district.

DLC (District Leadership Conference) is an event that kicks off the District Travel Season and is intended to allow brothers and sisters all around The West the opportunity to learn about new tools, leadership, and other chapters. It’s a time to just breathe in the experience of being with 200+ people who have the same drive to learn and grow.

I firmly believe that you get as much out of this DLC as you put into it; the people who are engaged and look deeper into the workshops specifically [and not just necessarily at the face-value content] are the ones who will get EXACTLY what leadership tools they’re looking to get!

If you ever find yourself feeling like you didn’t get much out of something, take a deeper look at the workshop itself because there’s so many more lessons in it for those who are willing to look hard enough.

Here are some guiding questions to think about with the conference that may lead you to some lessons you may not have noticed:

  • How did the speaker present themselves?
  • How did they try to engage multiple different learning styles in their lesson?
  • What kind of attitude did the speakers have?
  • What was the speaking pattern that was used by speakers?
  • How was the schedule structured.. Why do you think it was chosen that way?
  • Did you hear speakers say certain words, or avoid certain negative words?
  • Did you ever see the District Officers breaking down when the stress got to them?
  • Did you ever notice officer yell or cry?
  • Did the District Officers look composed on the outside, regardless of the situation?
  • How often were you fully committed to the content being presented?
  • When you got settled in to sleep at night, did you set goals for exactly what you wanted to do and get out of the next day? Why or why not?
  • Which chapters did you meet? How often did you stay within your own chapter?
  • How often did you, as a leader, offer to help out? Did it ever cross your mind to?
  • Is there something you hated about DLC? Why did you hate it? How would you have done it differently? How would you respond to road bumps in your plan?

These are just to give a few ideas and thoughts meant to help drive some deeper self-reflection, so take them however you want. However I’ll share a few of the things I’ve learned from this past DLC to help give some perspective as well:

First, it’s so easy to just offer help to somebody, even if it’s not your job, not just because it’ll make it more efficient, but because it can have a PROFOUND effect on that person; you never know what they’re going through.
Second, while completely sleep-deprived and hungry it’s very common to get cranky, but that is not an attitude that’s acceptable. If you hold yourself high and with a positive attitude and energy it’ll be infectious to others. If you hold yourself as tired, stressed, and grumpy that’d be infectious as well.
Third, whether or not you personally like to use curse/swear words it doesn’t matter; those words send off a negative impression that you typically want to avoid if at all possible.

Anyway, I just wanted to share a little bit about the lessons I’ve learned from all of you this past DLC and thank you all for allowing me that opportunity to serve. I also really hope that these questions and self-reflection of mine help give you a few more lessons out of DLC that you may not have realized before. Leadership is a large passion of mine, and I hope I was able to share a little bit of that passion with you all. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, and know that if you ever want to talk about anything District related or just decompress from the weekend that I’m here and would love to serve the membership in whatever way I can. Stay awesome, and see you all soon in Idaho! <3


Much Love in the Bond,

Alyssa “Athena” Maher

Western District Vice President

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Announcement to New Members

Hello everyone,
A message from your Webmaster here! I thought I’d give an announcement to all the new people coming onto this site. It is nearly complete as we are working on the final theme and making everything all we want it to be. When it is at it’s final stage, an announcement shall be made. Everything from the old site has been moved over so you should find that it is as it was before but with some more organization to reflect new things. If you have any questions, feel free to email them to me; my contact info is in the ‘Contact Us’ section. Thank you all for being patient!
-Andrew “Marty McFly” Juarez
Your WD Webmaster

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WDC 2k15

          From the heart of the Sonoran desert where temperatures can easily break one hundred degrees in the summer (and let’s face it, most of the spring and fall too), we know that not many things are worth melting for, but after this amazing weekend spent with our sisters and brothers from across the Western District, we are positive that music is definitely worth melting for. From the craziness that went into planning the weekend (s/o to the WDC Committees!) to the excitement leading up to the event, and finally the weekend we had all been waiting for, the Sisters of Omega and Brothers of Beta Omicron worked diligently to ensure that everything went smoothly and we had a great time while we were at it.

          A few highlights of the weekend for those who were not able to make it down to Mesa, Arizona included amazing workshops put on by Dr. Kathryn Kelly, Jonathon Markowski and others, an inspiring Woman in Music speaker Anne McGinty, Reading Band and Color Guard clinic, lead by our very own Jenni Thornton and Holly Paxton, and a selfie workshop with the one and only, Don Jahne. In between all of the scheduled activities, there was time for meeting new friends, catching up with old ones and bonding with the siblinghood of the Western District.

          Whether it was your first Western District Convention or how ever many times Angela Chin has attended, there was something new to learn, someone new to meet and something new to experience. Hopefully, by now you have all caught up on sleep, recovered from your #CaffeineWeek crashes and are ready to take on the rest of the school year head-on. So thank you all for allowing us to host WDC 2k15 and we look forward to whoever hosts next year’s convention.

          Congrats to our 2015-16 Western District Council and we look forward to seeing you all at National Convention and next year’s Western District Convention.  As always, The Best are in the West.


Bear down, go cats!


Spring 2015 Publications Committee:

Loren “FareLady” Wrigley, Kayla “Sass Master” Hodge, Trudy “Longbottom” Eaton and Scott “WHZRD” Suddarth

Tau Beta Sigma, Omega, University of Arizona

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One last time

havasuWhen I first started college I had no idea of the incredible journey I would soon embark on. I like so many of us had a love for music and band and wanted to help out as much as I could. I quickly joined a Club by the name of Hornets In Music or HIM as we called it. It was basically a club made to mirror Kappa Kappa Psi as we waited to be an official colony.

Since the beginning of our colonization till now I have had the privilege to work on countless projects and welcome and abundance of brothers into my chapter. I am my chapter’s founding Vice President, and held multiple offices including Service Director and President. I have three little bro’s who are incredibly stubborn, uncontrollable, and just weird. Like me so it’s the perfect match.

This entire year has been one incredible and truly emotional one for me. I don’t think many people understand that me and my fellow alpha class worked day and night and through some straight up bullshit to establish our chapter. Not only was I able to see the fruition of our work but to be apart of it. I made sure that my role as the last alpha was not to control nor dictate what chapter should do but rather my best efforts to foster new leadership and to push us beyond what we considered our limit.

It’s crazy to me to think we crossed our Epsilon class! like it was just yesterday we barley crossed and where rushing our Beta class!! Now they are getting ready for our Zeta class wow time sure does fly.  Our last retreat was probably one of the best if not the best chapter retreat I have ever experienced. There was a time when my chapter was not super brotherly but rather divided. This year our retreat was full of EXTREME love and acceptance that just made me stand in awe at one point to see how far we have come.


We stayed a total of four three nights! We had one full day at the lake wish was just wonderful. One day of free time and that night we had a few bonding games and our transfer ceremony. Which was basically 4 hours straight of us crying our hearts out of how much we are going to miss each other. We ended the night however singing our hymn outside under the stars. We had many laughs and ALOT of raunchy and ratchet moments kuz you know, we be who be and of course we ate constantly kuz that’s also what we do.

I will always keep the memories of my chapter close to my heart and Mu Phi will do great things in it’s future. I have complete faith in that.

Now I’m excited to start my raunchy journey as an alumni.


Manuel “Mango” Gonzalez

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Music in Film (by JoJo Younan)

I am a film major, so writing for this article was not easy until Miranda (publisher for the Boman) brought up a good point, “write about music in film since you’re a film major.” I know. It took me this long to realize that. Do not judge me. However, I cannot express how important music is in film. Music is one of the oldest elements in film to express emotion. When you look back to the silent film era, the films were never silent. Silent films had music being played in the background. I look back on the films that I love and I noticed that one of the reasons why I love them is because I loved the music score being played in the background. There are films that people would never heard of, but realize the music.

I do not have a favorite film or favorite film score, but Requiem for a Dream was the film that kept me as film major. I was going to change my major the first semester of college because of a professor who told me I would never make it in the film industry. I was discouraged and ready to change my career path, until one of my classes had invited the producer of Requiem for a Dream to my class one day. My professor first screened the film before the producer of the film told to us. The film was one of the best films I have ever seen and the best music. The producer shared his passion for film and how people discouraged him when he wanted to make Requiem for a Dream. However, he expressed how the music was the best element of the film. The music is what gave me fright. The music is what made me sad. The music is what made me stay a film major. 

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Music to Reflect (by Karli Smith)

I am a junior majoring in anthropology with a minor in dance, and I play tenor and bari saxophone. My hope is to be accepted to Teach For America as a corps member when I graduate next spring, and ultimately to pursue a career in education. To prepare me for this path, I am creating a unit of integrate curriculum for my honors thesis. I plan to pull from many different fields, notably anthropology, dance, art, and music as I design general education lesson plans for young elementary students.

This is realistically how I plan to conduct my classroom as well, and it makes me so excited that I will be able to carry music into my career. As musicians and dedicated band members, we have all had musical experiences that moved us, empowered us, that have healed us, or maybe even transformed us. I don’t believe these experiences should be confined to band, orchestra, and choir kids. I believe there is a productive place for these experiences in the general education classroom. All students deserve quality exposure to the wonders music can teach, even if the lessons aren’t about music itself. I hope to make my classroom a happier, exciting, accepting, and more contemplative environment through utilizing music.

I want my students to recognize how music can be used as a medium to not only express themselves, but to understand others. I can teach letters through singing pitches, or syllables through rhythm games, or help them remember facts or systems through songs, but all in all, music has the potential to teach much more important lessons; the lessons many of us had the privilege of learning through band.

Enjoying and creating music together fosters intrapersonal reflection as well as interpersonal caring and understanding, both of which are priceless tools as children grow not only as students, but also as human beings. I want to make sure my students have Music and Love to light their pathways in life.

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Rekindling the Flame

There have been few times where I experienced the infamous district event hangover – those few cloudy moments when you finally wake up in your own bed and ask yourself “did that really happen?” Waking up the Monday after District Leadership Convention 2014 had ended, I was in a bit of haze. I thought to myself that it had to have been a dream. It couldn’t have been real to have met so many amazing new friends and to have caught up with so many old friends. It couldn’t have been real to talk in such depth with other chapters about differences in our programs and projects, or to help each other find solutions to our individual problems. It couldn’t have been real to learn so much about myself and what I can do to be a better brother to my brothers and (importantly) to my sisters. But it was real. As Facebook began to notify me of waiting friend requests and pictures I had been tagged in, I knew that all of those things and more had happened.

This being my first DLC since becoming Active, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’d only ever experienced States’ Days so I was interested to see how DLC would be different. However, from the very first day, those initial thoughts lost all significance as what I experienced, and would experience over the weekend, went beyond anything I could have expected or imagined. Exchanging ideas with other chapters with incredible energy and clearly defined goals inspired me to take an even more active role in my chapter. Being able to focus on sisterhood (something that I had never really thought about) showed me just how important those bonds are and motivated me to make a concentrated effort to incorporate sisters into my life. Additionally, the focus on how what we learned over the weekend could be taken back to our chapters and also into other aspects of our lives really allowed me to think about Kappa Kappa Psi in an entirely new light. Further, the moments of reflection gave me an opportunity to relish in the things that my chapter had accomplished thus far, and instilled in me an intense sense of pride.

Ultimately, the thing that impacted me the most over the weekend is something that I can’t really put into words. The week leading up to DLC was very emotionally trying for me. By that Friday evening I had nothing left to give – it felt like my fire had gone out. But something as beautifully simple as writing warm fuzzies for brothers and sisters or letting loose with the Cupid Shuffle rekindled the flame within me. I had never felt the bond as strongly as I did over that weekend and that is what I am most thankful for. What could have only been described as a dream was a reality.


Thank you to everyone who came to Seattle and played a part in this incredible experience; I’ll see you at WDC!

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