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Author: WD Web Admin

The webmaster of the western district of TBS and KKY

Gamma Brotherhood

After getting numerous e-mails from the Western District Listserv, I figured it’d be a good time to submit an article…

My name is Abigail, and I’m part of the Gamma Chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi at the University of Washington. This is my first full year being an active. I’m part of the wonderful Alpha Beta class and am currently a Junior majoring in Biology-M.C.D. with a minor in Values in Society.

Being in Kappa Kappa Psi, at first, was a chance for me to hang out with more people that I knew from Marching Band. I also saw this fraternity as a place where I could share my love of music with others and serve the music and greater community of Seattle through music. But one thing that was very new to me was the aspect of “brotherhood.”

As a PM, when asked how I would rank Brotherhood, Service, and Music, I wasn’t quite sure how to respond. I said all three, but when having to choose, I selected Music, Service, followed by Brotherhood last. I knew what music and service was because it’s been part of my entire life, but what was brotherhood? Was it merely just an extension of the friendship I had with some, but not all, of the people in Gamma?

Luckily I have had the pleasure of building a better understanding of what “brotherhood” can mean through my first full year as an active member with Gamma.

As a PM I had the pleasure of getting to know a lot more people from HMB outside of my section through social events, community service projects, and passing third degree, onto joining committees and participating in those. But I feel that I have gotten a better sense of what brotherhood means through my own experience as a Big Brother and member of the Ritual Team for Third Degree.

I’ve been very blessed to have an amazing Little Brother in Kaila. She took the PM process by the horns and was eager to get involved at the get go. I loved hearing about her wonderful experience at DLC and stories about meeting brothers and sisters around the district. But what has most impressed me with Kaila is the brotherhood bond between us. Not only have I had the pleasure of helping her through the PM process with education, insight, etc, but she has blessed me with a reminder of what this fraternity stands for and the ideals we uphold in times when things don’t always go accordingly or when there are disputes about things in chapter. As with all the new actives of the Alpha Gamma class, Kaila has helped me appreciate the brotherhood even more.

Not only has been being a Big Brother helped me appreciate the brotherhood, but so has being on Rit Team. I was honored to be a part of Third Degree and witness the excitement of the new Alpha Gamma class. As I read and listened further to what was said, I thought of the rich history of Kappa Kappa Psi. Looking around and seeing the PMs, Actives, and Alumni together with our Chapter Sponsor I realized how wonderful this brotherhood is but how great it has the potential to become through Gamma’s perseverance and through our relations with other chapters.

Kappa Kappa Psi have given me the opportunity to meet some amazing people not only at the University of Washington, but also from other parts of the state and West Coast. I’ve gotten a chance to get to know Jon who joined HMB and is a brother from Omega. My older sister’s good friend, Samantha, is also an alumni from ASU and a brother from Beta Omicron, which has given us plenty to talk about in regards to music, the brotherhood, and marching band. It’s given me an instant bond with brothers and sisters I’ve never met before because they understand and appreciate the ideals of the organization I’m lucky to be a part of. I’m excited to get to meet other brothers and sisters at Convention and I’m excited for the future of Gamma.


Abigail Ahyong, Gamma Chapter

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The Road to Brotherhood

Mu Phi. We finally received a name that could stick with us forever. Before Mu Phi, we were only known as the Fullerton Colony. Previous to that, we were known as the Hornets In Music (or HIM for short). But finally, as of October 3rd, 2010, we became something that was finally “officially” part of what we were striving to be a part of.

Previous to becoming a chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi, some of our members (myself included) had already attended Western District Convention, as well as National Convention. We showed up, oblivious to what we should expect from these events. I recall it taking several tries to even figure out what it meant to “caucus”, and why in the world it took so long to do.

I remember initially feeling some kind of inferiority to those who were actual brothers and part of a designated chapter. I felt as though our “Fullerton Colony” was just not good enough, and that we were like the “freshmen” of Kappa Kappa Psi. I was afraid of our members being the “nobodies” of the fraternity.

But the memories that stick out even more are all of the comments and compliments we had received from other brothers and even sisters. We received praises from people saying how lucky we are to get to start our own chapter, and how they couldn’t imagine having to start from scratch like we did, and how we should be proud of everything that we’ve done and everything that we plan on doing.  Just hearing those simple words from other brothers and sisters made myself, as well as the rest of our (now Mu Phi) chapter feel the brotherhood that we had only heard and learned about. We knew that we had so many people around us to look to for any help and support that we needed. A feeling like that couldn’t be found on paper.

I remember the feeling that our Alpha class had gotten the first time we sang the Kappa Kappa Psi hymn (since most of us had waited to sing until we became an official chapter). We had only practiced it together, just trying to make sure that we had the words right. The first time we sang it brought tears to many of us, not only because of the things that we looked back on, but because of the future we saw with our new brothers.

We realized that what we had already gone through was only a hint of the beginning of the things we have yet to learn and experience. We continue to be proud of ourselves, and we are always thankful for everything we have learned, not only from the good times, but from the tough times; not only from books, but from brothers; not only from each other, but from ourselves; and we will forever strive for the highest, for there is always more to be learned, and even when we have learned, there will always be others to be taught.


Marina Pueblos

Mu Phi

Kappa Kappa Psi

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My First Time to District Leadership Conference

Although only a few of us attended District Leadership Conference this year, DLC was an extremely enjoyable and instructional event for those of us who attended. Having never been myself, as this is my first year being an active Brother, I had no idea what to expect from DLC, nor how much fun it truly would be. Upon arriving, the group of us from the Psi Chapter met with Brothers and Sisters from other chapters, and slowly started to make friends. We partook in the various “ice-breaker” activities that night, such as a giant game of Twister, guessing celebrities, and more. The following day was a day of service, bonding, and Brotherhood/Sisterhood. Our service projects included organizing the uniform closet, painting stands, and cleaning the practice rooms. After such a day of fulfillment and purpose, all of the Brothers and Sisters were energized and spirited. Much of the day was also spent in workshops, learning about leadership and how better to communicated within our chapters. This knowledge was invaluable, in that it pointed out what the true qualities of leadership are, and reminded us how better to fulfill the purposes we swore to uphold when we became Brothers and Sisters.

DLC was not just a learning tool for all of those who attended, but rather a beautiful bond that brought us all together as chapters, and as a district of talented, wonderful people. Having never been to one before, and having been only a candidate at Western District Convention last year, I knew very little District people, and had no idea yet what goes into being a successful chapter. Being a successful chapter doesn’t mean you have a high attendance rate or a large amount of members. Being a successful chapter doesn’t mean you hang out with your brothers a lot and proudly wear your letters all the time. Being a successful chapter is doing all of this, while always remembering the purposes of the fraternity or sorority, and always striving for the highest. After DLC this year, I plan to always strive for the highest.

Robyn Monroe is a brother of the Psi chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi at UCLA

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Spring Packet

The Western District Spring Packet is hot off the press! This packet has been prepared just for YOU and includes important dates and deadlines, information on upcoming events, a letter from your Western District Presidents, and much more. What are you waiting for, download it right now!

Western District Spring Packet 2011

File size: 17.9 MB

Note: Requires Adobe Reader. Get the most recent version from Adobe’s website here

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WD Day of Music

WD Day of Music on Saturday February 5th!

SO what is YOUR chapter going to do for this day? Sing at a hospital? Host a Petting Zoo? Fix instruments? What ever the activity may be we hope every single chapter across the district will be participating in some way. AND to entice you even more, Jess and Helen will be putting together a special presentation for WD Day of Music to be released that day! How awesome is that? 🙂

Make sure to take pictures and submit them to the WD Scrapbook! on Facebook!

If you have any questions feel free to contact Jess ( or Helen (

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DLC 2011

If you did not attend District Leadership Conference 2011, you missed out on a great opportunity. DLC 2011 was hosted by the  Iota Alpha and Eta Omega chapters and took place in Fresno, CA. Thanks Iota Alpha and Eta Omega for a wonderful weekend!

There were many workshops and demonstrations given over the course of the weekend. Attached are the materials from those workshops as well as a group picture from the event. Enjoy!


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District Leadership Conference

[intlink id=”87″ type=”page”]The most up-to-date information on DLC can be found by clicking here[/intlink]

The 13th Annual Western District Leadership Conference is right around the corner!  Your Joint Western District Council, alongside of our host chapters, Iota Alpha and Eta Omega, are hard at work preparing a weekend filled with fun, service, leadership, and bonding with brothers and sisters.  With service projects, games, workshops, open forums, and ceremonies, we have a weekend planned that will provide opportunities to develop student, band, and chapter leadership around your campus and in your community.  We hope that you will join us in Fresno, CA with brothers and sisters from all over the Western District for a great weekend!

The Western District of Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma Presents
13th Annual Western District Leadership Conference
California State University – Fresno | Fresno, CA
Friday, January 14th through Sunday, January 16th, 2011
Hosted by the Iota Alpha Chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi
and the Eta Omega Chapter of Tau Beta Sigma
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