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KKΨ & TBΣ NatCon ’17

-6Days -21Hours -50Min. -56Sec.


If you would like to submit photographs, send them to the Member-at-Large or Vice President of Special Projects. See the Contact Us page for contact information.

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Thank you for your interest in recognizing one of your Brothers or Sisters. When available, LIVE Online Application nominations are preferred. To view descriptions of each award and past recipients, please visit the awards page.


Award LIVE Online Application
For Music’s Sake LIVE Online App
For Service’s Sake LIVE Online App
For Community’s Sake LIVE Online App
ΚΚΨ Ideal Active Achievement LIVE Online App
ΤΒΣ Distinguished Sister LIVE Online App
ΤΒΣ Outstanding Graduating Sister LIVE Online App
ΤΒΣ Unsung Hero Award LIVE Online App
ΤΒΣ Kris Wright Award LIVE Online App
Rose and Carnation Award LIVE Online App