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ΚΚΨ Programs

  • Western District Convention
    • An annual event held to conduct District business and run events that promote the values of Kappa Kappa Psi. District Constitution changes, District Officers, and annual budgets are voted on at this event. Chapters are able to interact with each other through a variety of activities including but not limited to talks by special guests, workshops, meetings, and rituals.
  • District Leadership Conference
    • DLC is an annual event held that promotes the growth of Brothers in regard to our purposes. DLC, unlike WDC, is less business-related, and instead provides opportunities to attend talks, workshops, music, service, and social events.
  • State Days
    • State Days is held in the different regions of The West each year. At State Days, schools participate in music, service, and brotherhood activities organized by the host chapter.
  • IAAA
    • An award given multiple times a year to Brothers nominated for being exemplary of our values. Brothers can nominate fellow Brothers for this award.
  • Month of Musicianship
    • The Mission and Purpose of Kappa Kappa Psi directly reflects our goal of celebrating music in college bands. While we should always focus on this goal, the Kappa Kappa Psi Month of Musicianship, each November, provides a special outlet for celebration. Use this specially dedicated month to reach out beyond your chapter, your band, or your university to bring this love of bands and music to others!
  • Monthly Active Challenge (MAC)
    • A challenge for Active Brothers and Sisters that is posted every month by your Kappa Kappa Psi Member-at-Large and Tau Beta Sigma Vice President for Special Projects. These are generally Brotherhood/Sisterhood, service, musicianship, and/or leadership-focused activities that engage our members at the individual, chapter, and district levels.