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The ListServs

The ListServs

The Western district contains three listservs, each containing a unique purpose. There is the KKΨ West listserv, the TBΣ West listserv, and a General West listserv.

What are the Western District Listservs?

The listservs are a means of facilitating discussion through an email group between the entire district. It allows for email to be sent from one person to all subscribers of the group.

Who can be a member of the listservs?

Any brother or sister of Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma can be a member of the General West Listserv. To be in one of the organization specific listservs, you must be a brother or sister or associate of that organization.

How do I join/leave the listserv(s)?

You can manage your subscription to the listervs at the Listservs Subscription Management page. You must be logged in to the website to use this page.

How do I send an email to members of the listservs?

Simple. Send an email to the proper group. You must be a member of the listserv to email the group.

If I have more questions about the listservs?

If you have more questions about the listservs, contact the webmaster.